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Benifits Of solar

  • Cost Effective

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  • Energy Saver

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  • Eco-Friendly

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  • Non-Pollutive

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  • Sustainable

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  • Renewable
    Source of Energy

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  • User-Friendly

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  • Maintenance Free

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Mr. Hitest Khokhariya

Solar water heaters operate by absorbing sunlight into insulated (by vacuum) glass tubes where it turns into heat. That heat accumulates in the water until it becomes adequately hot. The hot water is stored in a tank..

Mr. Vrajesh Raiyani

This is an excellent product.- I use a 3oo Lpd evacuator vacuum tube solar water heater manufactured and marketed by Alfa solar, a company based in Gondal.

Mr. Mahendra Mangukiya

The performance of the ALFA product when it was used and functioned was very good. It had all the features it should have.I choosed this product I trusted the Alfa Solar and thought there would have after sales service.

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