• I have been using a solar thermal water heater for nearly two years, and i am now ready to share my experience with it.

    Solar water heaters operate by absorbing sunlight into insulated (by vacuum) glass tubes where it turns into heat. That heat accumulates in the water until it becomes adequately hot. The hot water is stored in a tank.


    Apart from that, the heater was said to be equipped with a built-in auxiliary electric heater to ensure that hot water is always available, regardless of weather or time. That electric heating element was never plugged in, and the heater has been providing hot water even on cloudy days!

    Mr. Dharmesh

  • This is an excellent product.- I use a 3oo Lpd evacuator vacuum tube solar water heater manufactured and marketed by Alfa solar, a company based in Gondal.


    It did not give me any troubles for the last 2 years. Quite sufficient for normal use of my family of 7 members. Depending on availability of sunshine, you can use it for nearly 320 days in a year in Gujarat and much more number of days in other places where cloudy weather is not very frequent.


    Save precious electricity. There is also an option for connecting it to the domestic electric supply and use the in-built electric heater when solar light is not available for heating, This is quite useful in rainy days when there is little or no sunshine.


    One good idea is to connect the hot water outlet to your normal geyser storage tank( if you already have one) and store the heated water in the geyser( remember to disconnect the electric connection to the geyser). You can store hot water overnight in your geyser storage tank without spending any cost for electric heating!

    Dr. Arvind Patel

  • The performance of the ALFA product when it was used and functioned was very good. It had all the features it should have.

    I choosed this product I trusted the Alfa Solar and thought there would have after sales service.

    Mr. Hitesh

  • I have installed a minifol solar water heater as for boiler use….and only in 8 months i just recovered my investment…

    Mr. Harshad

  • They are self manufactured so it feels trustworthy.


  • I did inquiries for solar in numbers of Solar company, and finally i got the best products from ALFA SOLAR.

    Prakash Nayak

  • I have installed Solar DC Lighting project at my farmhouse and its running well. Very Happy with the Services.


  • The Alfa team members are really very polite. They did all installation very fast.


  • I have installed it three years before but haven’t faced any problem to get service….loved it

    Mona Hanif

  • Quality is at his best..

    Mehul Parekh