Solar Water Pumping System is a high Quality Stand-alone System Operating Directly On The perennial solar energy.

The System Consists Of PV Modules, VFD Based MPPT Inverter and 3 Phase AC motor Pump set(submersible) Which Can Run Independent Of Grid Power Or DG Set Or Even Battery.

The Advanced VFD Based Inverter Not Only Converter The DC Produced By Solar Array Into Ac To Drive The Pump, But Also Adjusts The Output Frequency In Real-time According to the Variation of sunlight intensity, Thus Achieving Performance Even During Early Morning And Evening Hours.

The Pump Driven By The 3-Phase AC Motor Can Draw Water From the Deep Wells Or Rivers And Lakes To Pour Into The Storage Tank Or Reservoir, or directly connect to the irrigation system, Fountain System etc.


  1. Reliable Water Supply
  2. Easy & Low Maintenance
  3. Govt. Subsidies
  4. No Energy Consumption
  5. No Dependency on Any Other Fuel or Conventional Sources
  6. High Life Expectancy


  1. From 0.5 HP to 15 HP Product Range Available
  2. Battery-less System
  3. Operation Hours Are During Day time, When It Is Needed The Most
  4. Can Operate With or Without Grid Power Or DG Set
  5. Easy To Install and Operate
  6. Tracking Type Structure to Enhance the Power Yield.
  7. High Quality Components ensure Long Life and Hassle Free Operation
  8. An AC Motor (rather than a DC Motor) ensures easier and faster repairs and services at local levels


  1. Agriculture
  2. Sprinkle Irrigation – Drip Irrigation, Mass Irrigation, Livestock Watering
  3. Fountains
  4. Water Treatment Plants
  5. Forced Water Circulation
  6. Filling Overhead Tanks
  7. Swimming Pools & Resorts
  8. Drinking Water Supply – Townships, Row Houses, High-rise Buildings